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Caring For Diamonds

What exactly is all this talk about diamonds all about? The following paragraphs include some fascinating facts about diamonds – info you can use, not just the same old boring stuff that so called “experts” always tell you.

Caring for a diamond takes a bit more than cleanings once in a while. Diamonds can be damaged if you are not careful and don’t clean them often enough. By caring properly for your diamond, you ensure that your diamond will look good for a lifetime.

The first step of caring for a diamond is taking it to a jeweler once a year. Have him check the mountings and prongs that fasten your diamond in place. Have him do any needed repairs. This will keep your diamond from falling out of its setting and getting lost.

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Diamond jewelry that’s not being worn at the moment and loose diamonds should be stored in a fabric-lined jewel case or in a jewelry box, separate from other jewelry. Each piece of jewelry should have its own compartment. This will keep diamonds from scraping against each other and getting scratched.

Take your diamond jewelry off when doing physical work. Diamonds can be chipped and scratched fairly easily. Also don’t allow your diamond to come into contact with bleach or other household cleansers. These can damage or change the color of the mountings and settings, and it could even irreversibly change the color of the diamond!

Don’t limit yourself – learn more details about diamonds. The more you know, the easier it will become to focus on what’s important.