pearl jewelry

What is a Cultured Pearl?

Finding natural pearls has become increasingly difficult in today’s time, which is why most people use cultured pearls. These pearls are created by pearl farmers who specialize in rearing them in an artificial environment.

Quality of Pearl

Even as there is no recognised standardized grading of cultured pearls, we make sure that the pearls we deal in are of high quality. We always encourage our customers to ask questions whenever they have any doubts regarding the quality of our pearls.


Typically, pearls are available in white (the most common), cream, yellow, pink, and even black. Some pearls have the quality of possessing dual colors – a white pearl may appear white from a distance, but when given a closer look, one might see a pink overtone.


We only offer you the best that there is – round shaped pearls. Not even spherical pearls are given another look by us.


Lustre is the shine that pearls give when light is reflected off the surface of a pearl. The various layers of calcium carbonate crystals that pearl are made of are responsible for this refraction. The larger the pearl, the more its lustre, which is visible to the naked eye.

Care of Pearls

Pearls can literally last for a whole lifetime if given the proper care.

Keep them at a distance from chemicals you can find easily at home – bleach, perfumes, makeup items, hairspray etc, as they can have an effect on the lustre of the pearls.

Also, remember to wear your pearl jewelry after you’re done with applying makeup, and take them off the first thing when you reach home after the party. Otherwise your pearls might become dull over a period of time.

Constantly wear them as the oils produced by your body keep your pearls lustrous. Also, remember to wipe/clean your pearls with a soft cloth.